Community Revitalization is needed for prosperity. One way to do this is to redevelop old, blighted buildings in our community into something useful like workforce housing. This hits our triple bottom line goals of community, economic and environmental improvements.

  1. Community improvement happens because old motels currently being used for long term housing are not safe nor appropriate for that use. Creating nice, new modern mountain housing in town centers will improve living conditions for many local residents.
  2. Economic improvement will occur because local residents have a healthier place to live in town, close to shopping, jobs and restaurants.
  3. Environmental benefits happen when blight is transformed. In addition, cleaning up the properties will reduce runoff and less workers driving to their Tahoe jobs from outside of the area means less traffic – both key contributors to the loss of Lake Tahoe’s clarity.

We kicked off our Housing Tahoe project in April 2018. The goal is to build a local, workforce housing demonstration project. The project won’t fill the need for everyone, at every income level, but it will be the first “workforce housing” project in the region that can serve as a model for future projects. Click here to see presentation. 

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