Help us create the Broadband network the Tahoe Basin needs to prosper!

When it comes to having access to fast and reliable Broadband internet and cell phone service, in this day and age it’s absolutely essential in order for the Tahoe Basin to flourish. Unfortunately, for the Tahoe Basin there are still areas around the lake that suffer from below average internet speeds, lack of cell coverage and periodic outages due to inclement weather. The Connected Tahoe Project goal is to bring gigabit level service to the entire Tahoe Basin as means to catalyze economic development, galvanize public safety, healthcare, education and to position the Tahoe Basin to receive the most advanced technologies for internet access now and in the future. To date, TPC has:

  • Facilitated a pilot project with the providers and the USFS to expand coverage on public lands around the Basin.
  • Conducted speed tests in an effort to groundtruth service provider’s advertised speeds.
  • Mapped out areas of the Basin where internet speeds and service are at it lowest.

We are working on a Dig Once Policy to ensure conduit for future broadband fiber goes in the ground every time there is a roadwork or bike path project. And we continue to facilitate cell service expansion in the region between providers and land owners – both public and private.

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Having trouble using your cell phone? Dropped calls? Can’t send a text? Broadband speeds slow down on weekends?

Cell phone service (and some broadband service) in the Tahoe region is greatly diminished during the times when the Basin experiences a lot of visitors. If you have trouble making calls, sending texts or using your cell phone, please call your provider to complain. We hope this will encourage them to continue to add capacity in our region.

AT&T – 1 (800) 331-0500
Sprint – 1 (866) 866-7509
T-Mobile – 1 (877) 746-0909
Verizon – 1 (800) 922-0204
Charter – 1 (855) 757-7328
Frontier – 1 (855) 757-7328
Suddenlink – 1 (877) 794-2724

Please also reach out to your elected officials like City Council, Commissioners and Supervisors to let them know, as residents, you want better coverage. They can improve the local planning and approval process so we can quickly add small, micro-cell sites to the region and pass a Dig Once policy to get fiber in the ground on all public works projects.

City of South Lake Tahoe, CA – 1 (530) 542-6000
Douglas County, NV – 1 (775) 782-9821
El Dorado County, CA – 1 (530) 621-5390
Placer County, CA – 1 (530) 889-4009
Washoe County, NV – 1 (775) 328-2005