Bringing Gigabit Internet Access to Lake Tahoe


Help us create the Broadband network the Tahoe Basin needs to prosper!

Access to fast and reliable Broadband internet and cell phone service is absolutely essential in order for the Tahoe Basin to flourish. Unfortunately, within the Tahoe Basin there are still areas that suffer from below average internet speeds, lack of cell coverage and periodic outages due to inclement weather. The Connected Tahoe project goal is to bring gigabit level service to the entire Tahoe Basin as a means to catalyze economic development, galvanize public safety, healthcare, education and to position the Tahoe Basin to receive the most advanced technologies for internet access now and in the future.



Within the Tahoe Basin underserved areas have download speeds under 6 Mbps and 1.5 Mbps upload speed, as per the California Public Utilities Commission’s (CPUC) definition of minimum speeds. The average broadband speeds in San Francisco are 75.92 Mbps down and 25.70 Mbps up.

The next step in the Connected Tahoe Project will aim to facilitate broadband infrastructure projects in those problem areas. This will be done, primarily, by working with the CPUC to identify Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that are ready, able, and willing to provide infrastructure, as well as through TPC’s push for a Basin-wide “dig once policy.”

Feasibility Study

The Tahoe Prosperity Center recently completed a Tahoe Basin Broadband Feasibility Study. This effort was funded by a grant from the US Economic Development Administration. We recognize there are different ways to improve Broadband connectivity and speeds in the region and we present some of those findings in this report. The Tahoe Prosperity Center will continue to work on this critical infrastructure issue until all of Tahoe’s residents and businesses have access to high-speed broadband service. 

Speed Test

Tahoe Prosperity Center is conducting speed tests to determine Tahoe’s biggest gaps in high-speed internet service. We need as many participants as possible to help us make the case for faster speeds.. Run your speed test now.

Take Our Survey
Please help us get the most up to date information on the state of Broadband internet from around the Tahoe Basin. By taking one, or both, of these surveys you can show local jurisdictions and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) just how satisfied residents are with factors such as speeds, reliability, and access.

Project Updates