California Jobs First (CERF)

Supporting resilient, equitable, & sustainable regional economies.

Overview of CERF

The California Jobs First (CERF), sourced from the CA State General Fund, will distribute $600 million across 13 regions in California. The program will:

Support the development of inclusive regional planning processes in order to produce regional strategies for economic development efforts that prioritize the creation of accessible, high-quality jobs in sustainable industries.

Invest in projects proposed by regional planning tables that align with regional strategies and meet criteria for equity, job quality, and sustainability, among others.

Align and leverage state investments (e.g., High Road Training Partnerships, community capacity building programs), federal investments (e.g., Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act), and philanthropic and private-sector investments in regions to maximize economic development efforts.

CERF will help to facilitate our Recovery and Resiliency Strategy

The Tahoe Basin is in the larger Sacramento region (1 of the 13 regions) and the Tahoe Prosperity Center is the Tahoe Subregional Leader. TPC is facilitating a community engagement effort currently to align the Envision Tahoe Prosperity Playbook with the CA CERF objectives. Currently, these overlapping objectives include: 
  • Increasing Living Wage (High-road) jobs
  • Supporting a balanced, thriving economy (Tourism balanced with Tahoe’s other economic sectors – health and wellness and environmental innovation)
  • State investment in Tahoe’s economic and community development that benefits everyone in the region

CERF Partners

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Envision Tahoe Talks

November 7th, 5-7 pm at Za’s Tahoe City

Featuring the remarkable Jeff Saling co-founder of StartupNV, the non-profit state-wide startup accelerator and incubator and Co-President of Sierra Angels. Jeff’s dynamic career spans successful startup ventures, legislative impact, and angel investing, and his insights are a must-hear for anyone interested in entrepreneurship and venture capital. For just a $25 ticket fee, you’ll not only gain valuable knowledge but also enjoy a complimentary drink, making this event a perfect blend of education and networking.