About Us

There is no one way to create a prosperous Lake Tahoe, so we’re not focused on just one solution.

The Tahoe Prosperity Center is the regional community and economic development non-profit for the Tahoe Basin. We were formed at the recommendation of the 2010 Lake Tahoe Basin Prosperity Plan, the first Basin-wide comprehensive economic development study, published in 2010.

We work regionally with local businesses, jurisdictions, non-profits, and community members to advance identified, data-driven initiatives that better the environment, community, and economy for everyone living and working in Tahoe. To make this beautiful region truly inclusive and prosperous, we are working to establish attainable workforce housing, job and training opportunities, reliable and robust internet, and a safe Basin equipped with fire safety cameras – all driven by locally focused, topical community indicators data. 
We do this by leading in our communities, convening stakeholders, coordinating between neighborhoods, jurisdictions, and organizations, and facilitating collaboration so that necessary changes can happen for everyone in Lake Tahoe. To make the Basin a place where anyone can live, work, play, and thrive, we must work together as one lake and one region.
We believe that community input, factual data, and best practices should inform all of our work, and we incorporate all of these pillars into our projects. We are tackling big problems that affect the entire region, and we’re honored to work with our partners to better Lake Tahoe’s communities, environment, and economy.
Have questions/comments about our projects or want to get involved? Please reach out! 
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DEFINED: The condition of being successful or thriving, especially economic well-being

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Uniting Tahoe’s Communities to Strengthen Regional Prosperity


A prosperous, sustainable, healthy Lake Tahoe

Board Members

Our all-volunteer board is comprised of leaders from local business, government, education, and non-profit organizations encompassing the entire Tahoe Basin.


Frank Gerdeman

Executive Committee Member
ADVANCE Adult Education

Bill Kelly

Executive Committee Member
Business Executive
Laura Metune

Laura Metune

Lake Tahoe Community College

Brian Hogan

Executive Committee Member
Regional Vice President
US Bank

Bob Stern

Marissa C. Fox

Marissa Fox

Scale, LLP

Lisa Granahan

Economic Vitality Manager
Douglas County

Roger Kahn

Kahn Investments


Devin Middlebrook

South Lake Tahoe City Council Member

Sue Novasel

El Dorado County Supervisor

Roger Rempfer

Chase International
Real Estate Agent

Patrick Rhamey

Tahoe Beach Club
Stephanie B. Casteel

Stephanie Casteel

Snell & Wilmer, LLP

Jesse Walker

Senior Planner/Economist
Wells Barnett Associates

Team Members


Heidi Hill Drum

Chief Executive Officer

Chase Janvrin

Program Manager

Shelby Cook

Organizational Coordinator

Erin Jones

Finance Manager

Heidi Hill Drum

Chief Executive Officer

Heidi Hill Drum has more than 25 years’ experience in public policy, communications and collaboration with government agencies, non-profit organizations, academia and business associations. Her background includes facilitating consensus-based solutions with government agencies and the public on issues ranging from California water disputes, public lands grazing, natural resources, transportation and economic planning. She has expertise implementing collaborative solutions, which make her especially suited to the role of CEO and the Tahoe Prosperity Center’s mission of uniting Tahoe’s communities to strengthen regional prosperity. She lives with her husband in Lake Tahoe. Together they have two sons and two dogs.

Chase Janvrin

Program Manager

Chase, his wife, and two daughters, moved to the region a few years ago from San Francisco, Calif., where he held finance and management positions in Banking and Real Estate Equity firms. Chase has a B.S. in Finance and Entrepreneurial Strategy from the University of Montana, Missoula, and an M.B.A. from CalPoly, San Luis Obispo.

He has an extensive background in Finance and Real Estate, and a passion for combining those disciplines to help improve housing conditions in the Tahoe Basin.

Shelby Cook

Project Manager

Shelby Cook was born and raised in Reno, Nevada and moved back to the area after receiving a B.S. in Community Development from Portland State University. She has a background in community-based research, nonprofit work, grant writing, and civic engagement and uses these passions to contribute to her work at the Tahoe Prosperity Center.

Erin Jones

Finance Manager

Erin was born and raised in Manhattan Beach, California. Upon graduating high school, Erin moved to the Northern Nevada area, to attend University of Nevada, Reno. Erin graduated in 2009, with a Bachelors in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Accounting. She loved the area so much that she decided to make Northern Nevada her home. Erin is the founder and managing shareholder of Belle Business Services, LLC. She is a Nevada registered Certified Public Accountant and is passionate about helping local non-profits grow and achieve financial success.