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To make the Basin a place where anyone can live, work, play, and thrive we must work together as one lake and one region.


DEFINED: The condition of being successful or thriving, especially economic well-being

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Our Mission

Uniting Tahoe’s Communities to Strengthen Regional Prosperity

Our Vision

A prosperous, sustainable, healthy Lake Tahoe

There is no one way to create a prosperous Lake Tahoe, so we’re not focused on just one solution.

The Tahoe Prosperity Center is the innovative community and economic development non-profit for the Tahoe Basin. We were formed at the recommendation of the 2010 Lake Tahoe Basin Prosperity Plan, the first Basin-wide comprehensive economic development study, published in 2010.

We work regionally with local businesses, jurisdictions, non-profits, and community members to advance identified, data-driven initiatives that better the environment, community, and economy for everyone living and working in Tahoe. 

To make this beautiful region truly inclusive and prosperous, we are working to establish attainable workforce housing, job and training opportunities, reliable and robust internet, and a safe Basin equipped with fire safety cameras – all driven by locally focused, topical community indicators data.


We do this by:


Leading in our communities to
affect positive change.


Convening stakeholders to harness
our collective power.


Coordinating between neighborhoods, jurisdictions, and organizations.


Facilitating meaningful collaboration
to find innovative solutions.

We tackle big problems that affect the entire region, and we’re honored to work with our partners to better Lake Tahoe’s communities, environment, and economy.


Have questions/comments about our projects or want to get involved? Please reach out! 

[email protected]

(775) 298-0267


Read our latest financial audit report by clicking the link below. 

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