Housing Tahoe


The Tahoe Prosperity Center kicked off the Housing Tahoe Partnership in April 2018 because if you work in Tahoe, you should be able to live in Tahoe. Local jurisdictions, businesses, foundations, and over 100 residents from the South Shore helped us identify strategies to add more local housing options as part of this effort.

As a result of that Partnership we published the South Shore Region Local Housing Needs and Opportunities Assessment, which paved the way for the South Shore Region Local Resident Housing Action Plan.

Building on the success of that Partnership we coordinated the Washoe Tahoe Housing Partnership that resulted in the Washoe Tahoe Housing Needs Assessment for the Incline Village and Crystal Bay areas of Lake Tahoe. This was the last section of the lake to have a housing analysis completed, meaning that we now have guidance for the whole of the Basin.

The Tahoe Prosperity Center is proud to continue to serve as the convener for this important issue, bringing together diverse groups of local stakeholders with technical guidance from an expert consulting team.


Why is this important?

The Tahoe Prosperity Center recognizes that diverse housing stock is needed to meet the changing needs in our communities. Seniors and students need different housing than families and young professionals. Having a wide range of housing options at different cost levels builds stability, year-round residency, community vibrancy, and supports our local businesses and the regional economy. 

We are the convener and leader in the development of attainable workforce housing and will be moving forward with community and business leaders to ensure a variety of housing is added for our residents. The full Needs Assessment and Action Plan are available for free to the community here: Needs Assessment & Action Plan.

Housing Reports

Project Team

Generous contributions have been received from the following jurisdictions and organizations to ensure the success of this work: