Washoe tahoe Housing

A Collaborative, community housing Roadmap

Washoe Tahoe housing partnership

Tahoe Prosperity Center is facilitating the Washoe Tahoe Housing Partnership. This is a community collaborative project, focusing on the Incline Village and Crystal Bay communities and funded by Washoe County, Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation and the Offerdahl Foundation. Phase 1 resulted in the Washoe Tahoe Housing Needs Assessment for the Incline Village and Crystal Bay areas of Lake Tahoe. This was the last section of the lake to have a housing analysis completed, meaning that we now have housing guidance for the whole of the Basin.

The Tahoe Prosperity Center is proud to continue to serve as the neutral convener for this important issue, bringing together diverse groups of local stakeholders with technical guidance from an expert housing consulting team. There are four committees and a stakeholder group that meets to support the development of a Housing Roadmap. This roadmap will guide changes in policy and other housing opportunities based on data and community input.