Update: Connected Tahoe

The Tahoe Prosperity Center (TPC), through its Connected Tahoe Project, continues to make progress in our mission to extend high speed broadband internet to a few remaining areas in the Basin. Once such area, Kingswood Estates in Tahoe Vista, has been the focus of our most recent endeavors. Success in this neighborhood could be replicated […]

Bringing more workforce housing to Tahoe Lake

We’re all aware by now that housing is a crisis in the Tahoe Basin. Employers are not able to find good workers because the workers can’t find housing, long-time renters are kicked out as their landlords sell or transition to VHRs, kids who grew up here can’t afford to live here as adults. It’s a […]

Project to build real workforce housing at Lake Tahoe

‘Tis the season — graduation season. Congratulations to all our local graduates. We wish you much success as you head off into the world of work, college, travel and/or various other adventures. We’re all familiar with the cliché phrases at this time of year: “The world is at your fingertips” or “the world is your […]

Building Community: Learning to Love Your Neighbor

Think about where you live. Whether it is in a house on a quiet street or an apartment in a bustling downtown, how many people do you know on your block or floor? If you are like most people, you don’t know your neighbors’ names, and you’ve never tried to get to know them. There is […]

Less than one in five Lake Tahoe residents can afford the median house price.

Housing is definitely a problem in many areas around the country and the world. Lake Tahoe has a big issue with housing affordability with only 18% of residents able to afford the median-priced home in Lake Tahoe. This data states that in the USA people have to spend 24% of their income on mortgage and […]