A comprehensive Broadband network, from high-speed internet to mobile connectivity, is a prerequisite to community vitality and sustainability. From public safety to tourism and business development to educational opportunities as well as tele-health solutions, the current inadequacies in the Basin’s connectivity diminishes its appeal as a location to live, work and visit. The Tahoe Prosperity Center has completed a comprehensive review of the Basin’s current broadband infrastructure and is actively engaged in recruiting providers interested in expanding high speed internet and mobile access in the underserved areas of Lake Tahoe. Our goal is to transform the Basin into a connected community known for its superior digital infrastructure.

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Tahoe Prosperity Center is conducting a survey and speed test to determine Tahoe’s biggest gaps in high speed internet service. We need as many participants as possible to help us make the case for higher speeds.

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Connected Tahoe project

The Tahoe Prosperity Center, through a grant from the California Public Utilities Commission, is working to expand high-speed internet service to the entire Tahoe Basin through our Connected Tahoe project. The CASF grant is for a two-year project focused on expanding high speed broadband services in unserved and underserved areas of the Lake Tahoe Basin.

Specifically, the grant involves the following key activities:

      • Collection and mapping of current broadband infrastructure
      • A community-wide broadband needs assessment and speed test
      • An analysis of the data above to determine the unserved and underserved areas within the Basin
    • Assistance to interested Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in applying for grants to expand high speed broadband in the unserved and underserved communities

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