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California, Turkey, Oregon, Canada, Montana, Greece, and more... the impact of devastating wildfires is being felt worldwide. But what can any of us do to help prevent the next tragedy?

The best way to stop a wildfire is to stop it early

ALERTWildfire is a network of nearly 1,000 specialized camera installations used by first responders and volunteers to detect wildfires before they become too big. The cameras also support critical evacuation and firefighting efforts by relaying real-time information when it's needed most.

ALERTWildfire is a collaboration between major universities, first responders (CAL Fire, Emergency Services), federal agencies (US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management), and more, who actively use the strategically placed cameras 24/7 to protect people, homes, and the environment.

Each custom-built camera costs money to install and maintain, but can save countless lives and help prevent incalculable damage to our community.

So what’s the problem?

We need more cameras to cover additional increasingly at-risk areas and funds to operate and maintain them.


In 2009, a group of high school students in Meadow Vista (just outside Lake Tahoe) came up with the idea for ALERTWildfire, built the first prototype, and won the Innovate Award at the Children's Climate Action in Copenhagen, Denmark. Over the past few years, the program has expanded as a collaboration across nearly 90 federal agencies, utilities, and organizations.

Today, wildfires are having a increasingly dramatic impact on our planet and the brave firefighters who keep us safe, need our support.

We’re fundraising to enable the next decade of ALERTWildfire’s wildfire protection network through the Tahoe Prosperity Center, the official non-profit of the ALERTwildfire effort and the organization that raised funds for the first camera network in Lake Tahoe that has helped stop over 100 wildfires since coming online.

Image provided by CalFire

Please consider donating to help protect our firefighters, lives, homes, and our planet’s natural resources.

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Donations are processed through the Tahoe Prosperity Center, an early supporter of the ALERTWildfire efforts. Funding for ALERTWildfire cameras through the Tahoe Prosperity Center will be used for adding cameras all around the western US, not just for Tahoe.

Tahoe Prosperity Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization incorporated in the State of Nevada, registered in California and serving the entire Tahoe basin. No gifts, goods or services were provided in return for this donation. All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.