Improving opportunities for higher wage jobs and diversifying the local economy.


Tourism and Visitor services related jobs are the primary opportunity for employment in the Lake Tahoe region. How is Lake Tahoe preparing for the workforce needs of the future – not just for our core industry of tourism, but for the changing economy and our other economic clusters? As we work to expand high-speed internet around the Basin, what new job opportunities might arise?

We now have many of the answers to those questions. Our Workforce Tahoe Report is now complete. It contains four key strategies to improve the workforce ecosystem in Lake Tahoe:

1. Workforce Housing (our new Housing Tahoe project – begun in 2018)

2. Workforce Development (partnership with Lake Tahoe Community College and the ADVANCE program)

3. Workforce Attraction (partnership with Mountains Work Week)

4. Workforce Alternatives (developing micro-enterprise and lifestyle alternative opportunities)

Tahoe lost 6500 jobs since the recession. Lets work together to get them back.