The Tahoe Prosperity Center adopted the following five Pillars in order to implement initiatives identified in the Prosperity Plan. Our current project work (AlertTahoeConnected Tahoe, Community Revitalization, Workforce Tahoe and Measuring for Prosperity) are directly related to these five pillars.

Infrastructure development: Support regional infrastructure development vital to a diversified economy.

  • Facilitate development of a digital delivery system
  • Advocate for transportation that provides convenient connectivity and environmentally sensitive mobility to and within the region
  • Support enhancements to the built environment that complement and improve the quality of the natural environment
  • Promote the retooling and rebuilding of outdated energy and water/wastewater systems, which are needed for environmental redevelopment and community economic advancement

Economic revitalization: Facilitate and support the diversification of the economy and growth of living-wage jobs.tpc-home-image

  • Support growth of economic clusters: Health and Wellness, Tourism and Environmental Innovation
  • Develop a regional culture of entrepreneurship
  • Leverage quality-of-life assets to encourage growth of innovative new businesses and location-neutral jobs

Capital generation: Facilitate adequate public and private investment in the Basin to stimulate a vibrant economy.

  • Attract private investment and advocate for public investment in the region.

Leadership: Cultivate a collaborative regional approach to sustainable economic development.

  • Promote a clear understanding of the economic goals of the region among public and private stakeholders

Planning and policy: Ensure the development of predictable plans and policies grounded in sustainability principles.

  • Educate and inform the political leadership of economic issues and needs
  • Advocate for policy and regulations that further sustainable economic development
  • Establish and maintain key socioeconomic data to measure progress.