broadband feasibility study survey and speed test


The City and the Tahoe Prosperity Center are asking for your support by taking the Speed Test. The more tests locals, visitors, businesses take, the better understanding we will have of our community’s connectivity needs. Doing the tests at different times of the day and on different days of the week helps us get a fuller understanding of what your current speeds are on average – it only takes a minute! Run your speed test now by clicking on the ‘Speed Test’ link below.

Take Our Broadband Survey

The City has developed two surveys – one for residents and another for businesses. The purpose of the surveys is to determine the level of service you currently have at your home or business, how you use the Internet, and what is most important to you in regard to high-speed Internet service. The survey will take no more than nine minutes to complete and the responses are completely confidential. Your contact and address information will not be shared. Click here for the residential survey. Click here for the business survey.


The City of South Lake Tahoe has embarked upon a Broadband Feasibility Study and are asking for residents, visitors, and businesses support to complete the broadband survey and speed test to develop a comprehensive picture of the existing high-speed internet throughout the community. The City is continuing the efforts that were started by the Tahoe Prosperity Center to develop advanced broadband infrastructure for the Tahoe Basin. The goal of the Broadband Feasibility Study is to offer ubiquitous coverage for all residents and businesses in the City of South Lake Tahoe to access abundant, affordable, and reliable broadband service.


The City of South Lake Tahoe has long been a premier destination for visitors from around the world and has successfully created places that meet the needs of these guests. The City has also drawn residents who desire to live in a resort mountain community close to outdoor recreation. The overarching vision of the City is to create a more sustainable community. One way this vision can be achieved is through technology deployment for all residents and visitors to the area. The residents and businesses in the City of South Lake Tahoe require and deserve high-speed, reliable, and cost-effective broadband services.

Goals and Objectives

The feasibility study will focus on creating a structured evaluation of the wide range of strategies available to the City of South Lake Tahoe for Next Generation broadband services in the Community. Other municipal broadband projects suggest that Next Generation broadband services have a net positive economic and social impact on the local economy; while enhancing a community’s quality of life through expanded innovation opportunities, workforce development, and training, narrowing the digital and/or economic divide, and improved organization efficiencies.


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