The Lake Tahoe Basin Prosperity Plan (Prosperity Plan) was an unprecedented regional collaborative effort to develop a Basin-wide economic prosperity strategy.

It provides the framework for a competitive regional strategy that recognizes local differences in the region. The plan leverages the distinct attributes of all communities throughout the Tahoe Basin and  enables local governments, institutions, and businesses to work as partners in revitalizing the Basin economy. It also provides the opportunity to collaborate with diverse partners in the broader regional economies of California and Nevada.

The Tahoe Prosperity Center (TPC) was the signature recommendation from the Prosperity Plan to implement its objectives. Using a regional stewardship model among existing entities, we are bridging the fragmented governing system. The TPC speaks in one voice to support the long-term economic, social and environmental health of the entire Basin. Collaboration is the foundation of our work to unite Tahoe’s communities and strengthen regional prosperity.

Prosperity Plan


Additionally, the Sustainability Measures for the Lake Tahoe Watershed was also completed at the same time, providing valuable information to help inform the Plan.