Tourism and Visitor services related jobs are the primary opportunity for employment in the Lake Tahoe region. However, what happens when 50,000 new jobs open up in Reno, NV between now and 2019? What will those impacts be on our local businesses? How is Lake Tahoe preparing for the workforce needs of the future – not just for our core industry of tourism, but for the changing economy and our other economic clusters? As we work to expand high-speed internet around the Basin, what new job opportunities might arise?

Join us as we interview businesses around the Basin while collaborating with our academic institutions and others to determine skills gaps and education needed. We will also meet with residents about challenges they have in finding full-time, year-round jobs. Please tell us about the workforce challenges you face – whether as a business owner, employee, or someone trying to find work in Tahoe.

Let’s work together to diversify job opportunities within our core industry sectors: Tourism and Visitor Services, Environmental Innovation, and Health and Wellness. Please join our efforts to better understand Tahoe’s current employment situation, determine future needs, and ensure that Tahoe can attract and retain a talented workforce for high-quality jobs. Fill out our Workforce Survey here!

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